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Five Easy Steps to Planning a Fabulous Bachelorette Party!

So, you’re it!  You’re the one tasked with planning the ultimate bachelorette party for your favorite girl.  NO PRESSURE! Whether it’s a day party, a night of partying, or the ultimate bachelorette weekend, there are a few simple steps you can take to get the party started.  Word of advice, don’t stress yourself out! Figure out how to work smart, not hard!

1.  Bachelorette Party or Bachelorette Weekend?

Consult with the bride to find out which type of celebration she would like to have.  Feel free to talk some sense into her if she is going a little overboard. :-) By doing this, it makes it easier and more affordable for her guest to join the celebration.

2.  Choose a Date

Obviously you want to talk to the bride to find out what works best for her busy schedule.  However, here are a few things to think about. While the idea of celebrating the night before or the weekend of the wedding sounds fun, there will be tons of last minute details to execute and hanging out all night long might not be feasible.  Plus, you want your bride’s face to be “beat”, not beat up during her big day! As such, it’s best to celebrate well before the wedding. This will allow the bride to have as much fun as she wants and be able to recover before the big day. If she indulges in a few extra goodies or shots…. she has time to hit the gym and work off any added weight to ensure she can get into that dress!  

3.  Decide on a Location

Once you know where your bride would like to celebrate, you are tasked with finding the location.  If she has a specific place in mind, then that takes the guesswork out for you. If not, consider her interests.  Is she a casual, laid-back kind of gal, or does she like all things adventure? Allow this to guide your search. Also, when choosing a location for the celebration, think about places or spaces that fit your bride’s style.  If she likes all things bling, she may love a comfy hotel room. If she has more of a rustic taste, she may love a cute little cabin. No matter what space you choose, themed decorations can take that place from drab to fab!

4.  Invite Guests

Compile a list of all the people the bride wants to invite to her bachelorette party.  You will want to get all of their contact information. It is easier to get it all at one time as opposed to the email now, the phone number later, etc.  Once you have that information, send out a save-the-date. Note: If you’re planning a destination party, save-the-date info should be sent at least four months in advance.  You can do this by email if you have a lot of information you want to share. Alternatively, there are super cute free save-the-date invitations you can use from various websites that can be sent to the invitee’s phone or email.  About a month before the actual event, you will want to send the formal invite. This can be an electronic or formal invitation, depending on the type of celebration you plan to have.

5.  Have Fun!

Remember to have fun and keep the bride’s involvement to a minimum.  She is already stressed about her big day so you don’t want to add anything else on her plate.  

Now you’re off and running.  These first few steps are exciting, but can be tedious.  Remember, this is all about having fun with the Future Mrs.  Always keep that in mind!  And don’t forget to order one of our themed boxes to take the stress out of your bachelorette party planning!  Just unpack and party!

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